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To ignite potential and propel hospitality commercial leaders towards tangible, incremental, and sustainable growth in performance.

About Grind Academy

A little over a decade ago, excel skills and other technical abilities defined the best commercial professionals in hospitality. Today, against a backdrop of progressive and emerging technology, soft-skills reign supreme. To reach the pinnacle of commercial success, you need to build a strong leadership and cultural foundation that will support your ascent. The Grind Academy guides you on a metamorphosis journey to help unlock you and your teams full potential.

Critically, Grind Academy coaches and trainers have 'walked the walk' in their respective fields so you're learning from facilitators who have gained the necessary experience first-hand and dealt with real-world challenges like you.

Founder Rob Paterson is the former CEO of a global hotel brand in the UK and spent more than a decade in various revenue management and commercial roles. He has more than 30 years of experience in business and leading high-performance teams. His real-world, practical comprehension means you're working with a team who have faced the challenges of both large hotel organizations and smaller independent business environments.

The Grind Leadership Academy, isn't just about eliminating what's wrong but also strengthening what's strong.

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