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The Grind Academy was established with one clear mission:


To deliver tangible, incremental, lasting growth in performance through, proven, inspiring, no-BS alignment workshop and coaching programmes..

To reach the pinnacle of success, you need to build a strong leadership and cultural foundation that will support your ascent. We guide you on a metamorphosis journey to help unlock you and your teams full potential.

Critically, Grind Academy coaches have 'walked the walk' in their respective fields so you're learning from facilitators who have gained the necessary experience first-hand and dealt with real-world challenges like you.

Rob Paterson, the former CEO of a global hotel brand in the UK and new entrepreneur, has more than 30 years of experience in business and leading high-performance teams. His real-world, practical comprehension means you're working with a leader and coach who has faced the challenges of both large organizations and smaller business environments.

Micheal Ceely, a licensed Psychotherapist and former athlete, who twice trialed for the USA Olympic team, uses his training and experience to help people overcome their seemingly insurmountable barriers. He knows what it takes to reach the top and delights in helping others liberate themselves from old patterns and discover newfound possibilities.

Together, Michael and Rob lead customized workshops offering immediately actionable plans designed to develop leadership, cultivate a winning culture, and manifest high-performance.


The Grind Academy, isn't just about fixing what's wrong but also strengthening what's strong.

Executive coaching


Our customized workshops offer practical, immediately implementable frameworks to enhance performance and develop sustainable leadership qualities. We offer a range of half-day, full-day, customized, or ongoing workshops including:

Cultivate - emerging leaders academy 

Ignite - the 'first time leader' workshop

Elevate - leading from ordinary to extraordinary

Create - 5 pillars of high-performing teams

Leap - overcoming obstacles to success

You decide - better decision-making for leaders

We decide - organizational decision-making

Executive coaching

Are you a business leader, senior executive, or manager looking to unlock your full potential and achieve greater success in the C-Suite?  As a former CEO with decades of experience, Rob offers practical executive coaching services that are tailored to your unique needs and goals.

His coaching approach is anything but theoretic. He brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to every engagement, empowering you to elevate your leadership presence, sharpen your communication skills, and develop your ability to manage people, resources, and relationships with finesse and ease.

Rob is a trained executive coach with a proven track record of business success. Packages start at $250 per week for one to one coaching.

Reach out today and let's take your leadership skills to the next level!

Reach for the stars coaching


Designed for hospitality commercial leaders wanting to unlock their full commercial potential. Performance ally is a 12 week cohort coaching program focusing on the leadership aspects of commercial performance. 

The program brings together a maximum of 10 commercial leaders to form an alliance with the following topics covered in a live virtual classroom followed by practical assignments for each topic:

  • Great leadership, starts with self-leadership - Construct a foundation of self-mastery to sculpt the results you desire.

  • Decisive leadershipunderstand the science and psychology of decision-making to unlock creativity and opportunistic commercial upside.

  • Epic collaboration - unleash the power of epic collaboration for peak performance. 

  • The art of influence: Discover the six principles of influence to elevate your impact.

  • The seven laws of leadership: lead from ordinary to extraordinary using the laws that govern the top percentile of extraordinary leaders​.

  • On the upLay the foundation to assuredly take your next career step.

Visit the performance ally page to find out more about pricing and course details.


A confident and astute speaker, Former CEO, Rob Paterson, enthusiastically engages his audience bringing energy to the stage and reframing entrenched perspectives. Rob's background in hospitality working all over the world provides a strong backdrop for entertaining storytelling and practical advice. Attendees can easily relate and immediately take action when they depart.


Rob isn't just speaking from a position of theory; he has had a tremendous impact on the teams he has led over a 30+ year career and at the heart of all high-performing teams are the decisions they make, or don't make, and the subsequent action they take, or don't take. You will be hearing from someone who has lead from the top of small and large organizations and has been at the coalface to understand what it takes.

Speaking topics:

All Leadership starts with Self-Leadership

The five magic ingredients of a winning culture

Seven questions for better decision-making

Speaking packages are also available with copies of Robs' book, Flip and Decide with Confidence. Pricing starts at $3,000 for a keynote that will delight your audience.

Book a call with Rob to discuss your next event.

Rob Paterson keynote speaking
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