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Podcast mini-series

5-part mini-seres featuring experts who have walked the walk



In this series, we offer simple, step-by-step plans from experts who have learned from the academy of life. People who have found success and are willing to share it with you.

Each episode is accompanied by a downloadable guide to implement in your business. There are only a few golden rules:

1. The plans are 5 steps or less

2. They can be implemented within days, not weeks!

3. Absolutely anyone can apply these to their hotel/brand.

Nov 8th, featuring Nigel Maule from TSH

- Empty rooms in hotels (what to do with them?)

Nov 15th, featuring Karl Schmidtner from UpsellGuru

- Ancillary revenues (how to EASILY create a 360-degree strategy FAST)

Nov 22nd, featuring Thomas Finn from Edwards and Finn

- The RM career path (where can RM take you and how?)

Nov 29th, featuring Shaun P. Walchef Restauranteur and Entrepreneur

- Revenue Management for Restaurants (is it even possible?)

Dec 6th, TBC

- Leadership in Revenue Management (how to take your game to the next level)

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