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Grind mind challenge

Discover how to overcome your biggest fears and achieve anything you want in life.

the 90-day mind challenge will:

Create winning habits and routines in your life.

 Provide structure to achieve your ambitions and dreams.

Prepare your body for optimal physical health and mental clarity.

Build an additional income stream in your life.

Share practical tutorials and exercises to be self sufficient in your side-hustle

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Often we invest so much time into our business or work that we forget to nurture our mental well-being. This leads to burnout and eventually giving up. The Grind Kickstart program is designed to start your side hustle and sustain it for optimal results. The Kickstarter program comes with a digital version of the Grind ultimate journal complete with exercises and guidance to set goals, promote a happier and healthier mindset and achieve lasting success and prosperity.

GE Ultimate Journal.jpg
Image by Jannis Brandt


The Kickstart program comes with a 90-day physical fitness and nutrition plan. Research suggests nutrition plays a significant role in not only our physical but our mental well-being. What we eat is our fuel to get through the day and can help us feel better about ourselves. The Kickstarter program comes with training plans for different levels, genetic makeups and dietary preferences. There is also a 90-day challenge for those who perform better in competition.


The core of the 90-day Kickstarter is the beginning of not only a new you but an additional income stream. You get the Grind blueprint for starting your side hustle and generating revenue in 30 days. There is a one to one session with Rob to talk through your side-hustle, marketing, personal goals and experiences. Rob is the former CEO of one of the largest hotel chains in UK. He also owns and runs several start ups in multiple countries so offers a wealth of knowledge to achieve success.

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
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