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Rob is an experienced and engaging speaker available to speak at your next event inspiring the audience to end indecision with his simple 'Flip n Go' system grounded in cognitive psychology and science. Rob is available for keynotes, panels, workshops, training, or virtual events.


Rob is a former Hotel brand CEO and author of The 'Flip n Go' CEO, a practical guide to short-circuit indecision and build newfound inner confidence. Rob fell into the hotel industry after his pursuit of a sporting career was cut short and eventually spent more than 25 years building high performing teams and creating commercial success.


A confident and astute speaker engaging his audience through high energy and reframed perspectives. Rob's background in hospitality and as an entrepreneur starting several successful startup ventures provides a strong backdrop for entertaining storytelling and practical decision-making advice attendees can immediately act upon when they depart.


Rob isn't just speaking from a position of theory. His system has formed the basis for his entire life enabling him to confidently 'swing the bat' and deliver more good outcomes than bad in a fast-paced world that often demands decisions in real-time.

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Rob has had a tremendous impact on the teams he has collaborated with over a 25+ year career and at the heart of all high-performing teams are the decisions they make and the subsequent action they take.

Rob offers customizable workshops to delve into the details of decision-making including awareness and recognition of the flaws of intuitive decisions and the time perils of conscious decisions. Rob works with teams worldwide to develop the foundations of optimal decision-making, building high-confidence habits, and setting your company apart from the pack in a competitive and evolving marketplace.

At a time, recruitment is most difficult, and retention is of utmost importance; now is the moment to invest in your team's future.

Book a call with Rob today to discuss your specific needs and arrange a workshop to deliver the desired results.

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