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Embrace leadership as your competitive edge and unlock elite results.


in a nutshell

The Grind Leadership Academy supports your growth with one clear mission:


"To ignite potential and propel hospitality commercial leaders 

towards tangible, incremental, and sustainable growth in performance".

Crafted by the visionary mind of esteemed hotel brand CEO, Rob Paterson, the Grind Leadership Academy is dedicated to propelling you and your organization toward the apex of achievement.


Through captivating keynote presentations that stir the depths of your soul, immersive group training that foster collective growth, personalized one-to-one coaching that hones your unique strengths, and strategic talent placement that supports your companies growth, the Grind Leadership Academy emerges as your unwavering ally in the pursuit of peak commercial hotel performance.


We invite you to join us in a transformative journey. each out to learn more.

Keynotes and workshops


We have crafted a collection of customized workshops that transcend theoretical concepts and immerse you and/or your team in practical, actionable frameworks to elevate performance. Each workshop is meticulously designed to instill sustainable leadership qualities that will empower you to conquer challenges and excel in the journey towards commercial greatness.


Offered as a range of half-day, full-day, customized, or ongoing workshops including:

Cultivate - emerging leaders academy 

Ignite - the 'first time leader' workshop

Elevate - leading from ordinary to extraordinary

Create - 5 pillars of high-performing teams

Leap - overcoming obstacles to success

You decide - better decision-making for leaders

We decide - organizational decision-making


Executive coaching

Are you a tourism and hospitality commercial leader, senior executive, or manager looking to unlock your full potential and achieve greater success in the C-Suite?  As a former hotel brand CEO with decades of experience in the industry, Rob offers practical executive coaching services that are tailored to your unique needs and goals.

His coaching approach is anything but theoretic. He brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to every engagement, empowering you to elevate your leadership presence, sharpen your communication skills, and develop your ability to manage people, resources, and relationships with finesse and ease.

Rob is a trained executive coach with a proven track record of business success. Packages start at $250 per week for one to one coaching.

Together, let's elevate your leadership game to elite levels!

Reach for the stars coaching


Designed for hospitality commercial leaders obsessed with unlocking maximum financial results and forging competitive advantage. Performance ally is either a 3-day intensive onsite or a 12-week online cohort coaching program leveraging the art of leadership to optimize hotel commercial performance. 

The program brings together a maximum of 10 hospitality commercial leaders to form an alliance with the following topics covered:

  • Inner leadership - sow the seeds of self-mastery and cultivate extraordinary results.

  • Decisive leadership - discover the science and psychology behind decision-making to unlock creativity and opportunistic commercial upside.

  • Epic collaboration - unleash the power of collective wisdom to achieve peak performance. 

  • Earned influence: master the six core principles of influence to elevate your impact.

  • Communication mastery: hone the art of story-telling, decode non-verbal cues, and speak with empathic clarity and resonance to perform at a peak state.

  • On the upprepare to take the next step on the ladder of career progression.

Visit the performance ally page to find out more about pricing and course details.


If you're a revenue management professional, you're also invited to join the Elite Revenue Management community for free. Click here to join the Elite Revenue Management community.


Talent recruitment

Within our vast network of esteemed commercial and revenue management professionals, Grind Academy stands ready to bolster your commercial or C-suite team with exceptional talent.

Committed to your success, we stake our reputation in sourcing top-tier candidates who align with your organizational goals and values, ensuring elevated performance and cultural fit.

With our expertise focused on hotel commercial and C-suite roles, we invite you to connect with us today to discuss your unique requirements.

Reach out to learn more 👇

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A confident and astute speaker, Former CEO, Rob Paterson, enthusiastically engages his audience bringing energy to the stage and reframing entrenched perspectives. Rob's background in hospitality working all over the world provides a strong backdrop for entertaining storytelling and practical advice. Attendees can easily relate and immediately take action when they depart.


Speaking topics:

Leadership lessons from the kingdom of ants

The uncomfortable truth about servant leadership

Self-leadership: the seed of extraordinary leadership

Decisive Leadership: unleash your inner Grey Wolf

Speaking packages are also available with copies of Robs' book, Flip and Decide with Confidence. Memorable keynotes start at $3,000 designed to have your audience reeling for days.

Book a call with Rob to discuss your next event.

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